Sol to Soul

About Us

At Sol to Soul we believe dressing as your most authentic self brings true fashion fulfillment. We also believe that you shouldn't be confined to one style. That's why we design swimwear that's reversible and customizable to capture all your unique styles! 

Each suit is its own vessel of inspiration, handmade to compliment your beautiful body. 


Our mission is all about designing swimwear that is inclusive to all body types and style preferences. Crafted with buttery-soft, luxurious fabric and detailed finishes, each piece is curated to embrace your personality. With versatility and the forefront of design, we encourage you to create your own narrative and speak your truth both in fashion and in everyday life.


Within our commitment to authenticity, we are also committed to transparency in all aspects of manufacturing and design. We strive to create pieces that make you feel your most confident while being kind to our planet, our wonderful manufacturing team and your wallet.