Origin Story

I am a Bolivian woman who moved to Miami at the age of seven. Immediately I was drawn to the sea. She is present in many of my fondest childhood memories. However, it was not until I experienced the passing of my grandmother that my bond with the ocean was solidified. It was the one place I could go sit with my emotions. She consoled me. As I swam in her waters she reminded that there is so much more to life; this loss was merely a drop in the sea that would be my life story. She humbled me when I thought my world was crumbling and simultaneously instilled me with her power. Through her I learned that no matter how many times waves knocked me down, I will always emerge. I will always rise up and continue on.

It is no wonder that I quickly found myself spending every moment I could at her side and spending large amounts of money on the latest swimwear trends. I was a college student spending upwards of $200 on a suit I would wear a handful of times, either because I grew tired of the style or the quality caused the garment to expire quickly. 

Fast forward to the infamous year of 2019, coincidentally the year I was set to attend medical school. At the time I was working for a radiologist who had no choice but to significantly reduce the hours of operation at the clinic. I was left with an abundance of free time. Since beaches were closed I revisited my sewing hobby, only this time I would make swimwear for the reopening of the world. This is when the axiom, "Find something you love and you will never work a day in your life" finally made sense.

This was it. My life purpose was revealed to me through saltwater and lycra. My designs made women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. I realized through this medium I helped women step into their power, just as the ocean had done for me years before.